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Migration bibliography

The 'Migration bibliography' (PDF format) provides an introductory guide for researchers to the British Library's print, sound, archive and electronic resources. It also provides links to UK and international research centres, news sources and think-tanks.

Migration is the movement of people from one locality to another. There are many different reasons behind the decision to migrate. This guide concentrates on the theory and practice of migration: the different theories as to why people migrate, their experiences, and the processes of migration. It provides an overview and introduction to the materials that you can find at the British Library.

The resources concentrate on international migration (that is, migration from one country to another), and try not to stray into the topic of immigration, although obviously the two are closely connected. So, resources focus on people leaving one country (migrants or emigrants) rather than on people settling in another country (immigrants).

This guide looks at resources available on migration, covering the breadth of the Library’s collections – books, theses, journals, databases, maps, and sound archive.

The strength of the Library's print and electronic resources are highlighted, but this guide also provides links to useful websites and other resources which you can access from any computer – for example, think tanks, research centres, Inter-Governmental Organisations and news resources.

The bibliography was written by Amy Claridge during 2008 as part of the ESRC-funded internship initiative at the British Library.

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