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Corporate social responsibility (CSR) bibliography

This 'Corporate social responsibility (CSR) bibliography' (PDF format)  is an introductory guide to some of the material available to researchers via the British Library’s print, sound and electronic resources. It also provides links to important UK-based research centres, collections and archives, plus useful websites, portals and other bibliographies.

Interest in the social impact of business has increased markedly in the last 20 years or so. Concerns about the environmental impact of business and climate change, about standards of operating and reporting, - and a growing recognition of the potential of business as a force for good - have led governments to set up initiatives to promote notions of sustainable development and social responsibility, and companies to provide more information about their activities. It is a popular subject of teaching, learning and research, with a significant and growing body of literature.

  •  Corporate social responsibility (CSR) bibliography (PDF format, 346KB)

CSR issues can be defined in the following terms, all of which are useful search terms when exploring the literature:

  • corporate citizenship
  • corporate social responsibility
  • business in society
  • sustainable development
  • business ethics

This bibliography was co-authored by Professor Alan Murray, Lecturer in Corporate Social Responsibility & Accounting, University of Sheffield, and Sally Halper, Social Sciences Content Development Manager at the British Library in 2009 and updated in March 2013. Comments or suggestions about the bibliography or the Library’s collections are welcome, please contact us at the address below.

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