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PPP education bibliography

This page provides useful links and a select list of publications available in the British Library, relating to public private partnerships and education. All documents in the bibliography can be obtained from the British Library Document Supply Service.

Web sites

Local Partnerships (previously 4Ps)
Local Partnerships is a joint venture between the Local Government Association and Partnerships UK, incorporating 4Ps. The 4Ps (Public Private Partnerships Programme) was set by the local authority associations in April 1996 with cross party support and is financed by and accountable to local government through a Board appointed by the LGA. It is local government's own agency.

Centre for Public Services
The Centre for Public Services is an independent, non-profit organisation. It is committed to the provision of good quality public services by democratically accountable public bodies implementing best practice management, employment and equal opportunities policies. It contains information on news and events, what future for public services, publications, psa (public service analysis), training, briefings and links to a wide range of management, trade union and research organisations along with contact information.

Department for Education
Site contains links to DfE publication including PPP-related publications, contact names and numbers and hyper-text links to other web sites.

Department of Education (Ireland) public private partnerships strategy unit
The Public Private Partnerships & Strategy Unit within the Department of Education provides guidance and support to the public sector on Public Private Partnerships in Northern Ireland's Schools Estate.

Higher Education Funding Council for England (HEFCE)
The HEFCE promotes and funds high-quality, cost-effective teaching and research in universities and colleges in England. The site provides links to finance and partnerships in the system.

Office of Government Commerce
Set up to lead a wide-ranging programme to modernise procurement in government, and deliver substantial value for money improvements. It is developing an integrated procurement policy and strategy across government. OGC represents the UK on procurement matters in Europe and in the World Trade Organisation (WTO).

Partnership UK
Partnerships between the public and private sectors are a cornerstone of the Government's modernisation programme. By drawing on the best of both public and private sectors, public private partnerships (PPPs) can help the public sector to deliver modern, high-quality public services. But PPPs bring with them new challenges that require specialist skills and expertise. Partnerships UK has been formed to help the public sector meet these challenges. Its mission is to work with the public sector to make PPPs better, stronger and faster.

Teachernet: schools private finance initiative
Teachernet was developed by the department of Education and Skills as a resource to support the education profession. The PFI section of the website provides, amongst other things, general information on the scheme, a list of current projects, details of publications and information on the 2004-2005 bidding round.

Official documents

PFI in schools: the quality and cost of buildings and services provided by early private finance initiative schemes
Audit Commission, 2003
ISBN 1862404127
DS Shelfmark: m03/1203

Excellence in cities and education action zones: management and impact
Office for standards in education, 2003, HMI 1399
DS Shelfmark: m03/26785

Taking the initiative (PDF format)
Accounts Commission for Scotland, 2002
DS Shelfmark: m02/28459
N.B. Available via PDF

The Management of student administration: a guide to good practice
Higher Education Funding Council for England, 2002
DS Shelfmark: 4307.3796

Education Action Zones: commentary on the first six zone inspections
Office for Standards in Education, February 2001.

Education Action Zones: meeting the challenge - the lessons identified from auditing the first 25 zones (PDF format)
Report by the Comptoller and Auditor General Session 2000-2001, 26 January 2001, HC130.

7th report [session 1999-00]: the role of private sector organisations in public education.
House of Commons papers, Session 1999-2000 HC118

Government's response to the 7th report of the Committee, session 1999-2000: the role of private sector organisations in public education
Department for Education and Employment, Session 1999-2000 Cm.4844

New deal for schools PPP pilots consultation
Department for Education and Employment, (Dept. 00/301) 1999

Public private partnership prospects in further education
Further Education Funding Council for England, 2000

Public private partnership prospects in further education
Further Education Funding Council for England, 1999

Journal articles and conference papers

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Policy & Politics vol.31 no.3, Jul 2003, pp.371-386
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Managing Schools Today, vol.12 no.5, 2003, pp.60-63
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Public Finance, 14Feb 2003
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Building, 7 Feb 2003, pp.52-56
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Private Finance Initiative
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Who cares wins
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Good Practice Number 02/05, 2002
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