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Russian and Soviet women's studies: Statistics

This guide provides details of a number of works held in the British Library relating to the study of Russian and Soviet women. It includes material available on the open access shelves as well as material that must be requested before it may be consulted in the Reading Rooms.

Some statistical material can also be found online in the Russian/NIS Statistical Databases, accessible for Reader Pass-holders in our Reading Rooms only.

Demograficheskii ezhegodnik Rossii, Sem'ia v Rossii, Zhenshchiny i muzhchiny Rossii, Deti v stranakh sodruzhestva Nezavisimykh Gosudarstv (Available for 1990-2004 via electronic database: East View, UDB Statistics)
Darskii, L. E., Il'ina. I. P. Brachnost' v Rossii. Analiz tablits brachnosti (Moskva: Informatika, 2000)
Rossiia: statisticheskii sbornik (Moskva: Gosudarstvennyi komitet RF po statistike, 1995)
S.NA. 32/71
Statistical record of women worldwide / compiled and edited by Linda Schmittroth [2nd ed.] (New York; London: Gale Research, 1995)
*Zhenshchina Moldavii. Kratkii statisticheskii spravochnik (Kishinev, 1961)
S.NM. 5/2
*Zhenshchina v Kirgizskoi SSR. Kratkii statisticheskii spravochnik (Stalinabad, 1960)
*Zhenshchina v SSSR. Kratkii statisticheskii sbornik (Moskva, 1960)
S.N. 173/29
*Zhenshchina v Tadzhikskoi SSR. Kratkii statisticheskii spravochnik (Stalinabad, 1960)
*[Zhenshchiny i deti v SSSR] Women and Children in the USSR. Brief statistical returns (Moscow: Foreign Languages Publishing House, 1963)
S.N. 173/33
*Zhenshchiny i deti v SSSR: statisticheskii sbornik (Moskva, 1961-)
S.N. 173/23
*Zhenshchiny i deti v SSSR: statisticheskii sbornik (Moskva: Izdatel'stvo "Statistika", 1969)
S.N. 173/53
Zhenshchiny Rossii: statisticheskii sbornik [otvetstvennye za vypusk Voronina I.V., Osipova O. V.] (Moskva: Gosudarstvennyi komitet Rossiiskoi Federatsii po statistike, 1995)
Zhenshchiny v SSSR: statisticheskie materialy (Moskva: "Finansy i statistika", 1981-)
S.N. 173/65 [Annual]
Zhenshchiny v SSSR: statisticheskie materialy (Moskva: "Finansy i statistika", 1982)
S.N. 173/79
Zhenshchiny v SSSR: statisticheskii sbornik (Moskva: Statistika, 1975)
S.N. 173/70



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