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Assisted copy service

Use our assisted copy service:

  • Where preservation or copyright regulations restrictions are in place
  • If you simply prefer to have your material copied by Library staff.

Readers should place orders at the Copying Service Desks in the St Pancras Reading Rooms. 

The assisted copy service is available in the following Reading Rooms:

Rare Books & Music
10.00 - 19.3009.30 - 19.3009.30 - 19.3009.30 - 19.3009.30 - 16.3009.30 - 16.30
Asian & African Studies
Science - 2
10.00 - 16.3009.30 - 16.3009.30 - 16.3009.30 - 16.3009.30 - 16.3009.30 - 16.30

Where there is no assisted copy service in a Reading Room, staff at the Issue Desk will arrange to transfer the item(s) to the Copying Service Desk in one of our other Reading Rooms.

Prices are available from staff at our Reading Room Copying Service Desks or on our website.

The assisted copy service will provide copies within 24 hours. Customers who are unable to collect their order can have it posted to them. The relevant postal charges will apply.