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Self-service copying

You can use our self-service copy facilities to copy items in the collections, subject to UK copyright regulations and preservation policy and restrictions.

Before you begin copying, please take material to the Copy Counter Desk, or Reference Enquiry Desk where there is no Copy Counter Desk, for staff to carry out a preservation and copyright check.

If the material is unsuitable for self-service copying, staff will advise on alternative forms of copying. For example, for older items, you may be asked to make reproductions from existing microfilm or microfiche copies, rather than from the original volumes themselves.

Availability of self-service facilities

Self-service photocopiers, for copying from printed material, microfiche and microfilm, are available in most St Pancras Reading Rooms. These can be found in:

  • Asian & African Studies
  • Business & IP Centre - photocopiers only
  • Humanities - floor 1
  • Maps - microfiche and microfilm only
  • Rare Books & Music
  • Science - floors 2 and 3
  • Social Sciences

All of the current copiers do not allow double sided copying. We are currently reviewing the photocopying machines in the reading rooms and in the near future will be looking to replace our current photocopiers with copying equipment which are not only more environmentally friendly, but are simpler to operate.

In addition, three digital self-service overhead scanners are available in some of the rooms. These produce double page scans. It is possible to save 1 x A3 or 2 x A4 pages per scan. The images are formatted into JPEG files and saved to memory stick, and these can be purchased at adjacent Copy Counters. The scanners can be found in:

  • Humanities - floor 1
  • Rare Books & Music
  • Science - floor 2

Copy Counter Desks

Staff are available at Copy Counter Desks as follows:

  • Monday - 10.00 - 19.30 for Humanities 1 and Rare Books & Music
    (10.00 - 16.30 for Asian & African Studies, Maps and Science 2)
  • Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday - 09.30 - 19.30 for Humanities 1 and Rare Books & Music
    (09.30 - 16.30 for Asian & African Studies, Maps and Science 2)
  • Friday/Saturday - 09.30 - 16.30 for all Copy Counter Desks.

If you have any accessibility issues with the self-service facilities, please contact the Disability Support Officer.


Payment is made to an account, which requires your catalogue Reader Number and Password for access. You can credit your account at:

  • A Copy Counter Desk, at the times above.
    The Copy Counter Desks allow transactions by cash, cheque, and credit/debit card except for Maps, which accepts cash and cheques only.
  • The kiosks in Humanities 1 and Science 2.
    The kiosks allow transactions by cash (coins and banknotes).