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Academic researchers video transcript

A broad interest in British social and cultural history, and especially the history of feminism.

I began spending time here when reading for my PhD… it was surprising - I suppose it shouldn’t be - how conducive the space was to research and learning. It gave me great focus, and being assisted in the early days by the very helpful Library staff…

Female suffrage and the suffragette movement of the early 20th century… class, property and the fact that many men also were unable to vote.

The Library has played an ever increasing role in my career. More recently I’ve been studying pamphlets and newspapers looking into gender issues in the 19th Century.

I’m very excited about opportunities afforded by the scale of digitisation of newspapers. This in itself creates opportunities for research that just wouldn’t be feasible before.

I want to continue... gender identity in the 19th Century, especially looking at the woman’s place in the economy not only in domestic service, but looking at the whole range of economic roles recorded in newspapers… the photography and print archives… finding images relevant to gender in this period... across the fine arts as well… a great revelation… the sound archives and particularly the oral history.

I’m partnering with a local museum… the changing concepts of work and gender and the social histories of the women employed in the mills.