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Business & IP Centre Reading Room

The Library’s business and intellectual property collections can help you start, run and grow your business, protect your ideas and research your markets.

In the Business & IP Centre Reading Room, Floor 1, we have one of the best collections of business and intellectual property information in the world. You can access some information on the shelves, via our online databases on computer terminals and order items to the Reading Room via our catalogues. If you need help at any point, just ask one of our Information Experts.

Our collections can help you with:

  • General business advice, e.g. how to write a business plan
  • Researching funding sources
  • Researching markets, companies and products
  • Business news
  • Intellectual property: patents, trade marks, registered designs and copyright.

We also offer a series of workshops and events and one-to-one advice sessions for entrepreneurs and inventors in the Business & IP Centre.

Visit the Business & IP Centre to find out more.