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Access to the Manuscript Memoir of Anthony Blunt

The British Library holds the manuscript memoir of Anthony Blunt, which has been reserved from all public access for the last 25 years as a condition of donation. The de-reservation date for this manuscript is now confirmed as Thursday 23 July 2009.


Access will be given from 23 July in the Manuscripts Reading Room at the British Library, on a first-come, first-served basis. No reservations will be accepted in advance of that date. Those applying must first have registered as British Library Readers. Information about registration and opening times in available on our website.

To help manage multiple requests for access on and after 23 July as fairly as possible, those applying in the Manuscripts reading room will be asked to fill in a Request for Access form, on which the date of access will then be specified. Access will be for that date only, with no extension by overnight reservation. This will apply until the immediate interest is satisfied.

Those wishing to see the manuscript after 23 July 2009 are encouraged to enquire in advance, by email if possible, to Advance reservations can be accepted after 23 July for the first available date, subject to completion of reader registration and the Request for Access form, which must be done in person.


The British Library does not know who the copyright holder of the manuscript is and cannot give permission for publication or copying. It is the responsibility of those wishing to publish to satisfy themselves as to the copyright holder and to obtain any necessary permission. For guidance concerning copyright please refer to our website.