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Electronic resource FAQs:


Does the Library provide access to electronic resources?

The Library provides PCs in the Boston Spa Reading Room from which Readers can access Library subscribed electronic resources.

Many titles are networked and are available immediately. Those that can't be networked may be pre-loaded on the PC.

Licence agreements and technical specifications limit the Library's ability to network some digital material, or to provide immediate access on a particular workstation.

Access cannot be guaranteed, as resources provided by remote suppliers may be subject to interruptions beyond the Library's control.


Can I print or download from the Library's electronic resources?

Legislation, licences and the availability of appropriate equipment restrict the use of most digital material available in the Reading Room.

Emailing of results (records) from many databases is allowed using the functionality within the database.

Printing, where permitted, is possible in the Boston Spa Reading Room.

If you print or download from the Internet, you must abide by any restrictions notified by the information provider. The output is not to be used except for the purpose of personal research or private study; no commercial use is permitted.

A charge to cover administrative and consumable costs will be made.