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How do I pay for printing, copying, and scanning?

You pay for printing, copying and scanning by means of a reader account.

As a St Pancras registered Reader, you can access your account with the Reader number and password you set up for access to Explore the British Library.

If you are not a St Pancras registered Reader, the Reading Room Enquiry Desk staff can advise you on how to set up a reader account.

You will be able to top up your account in three ways:

  • Using the online Top up service
  • From a kiosk in the Humanities 1 copy area, in Science 2 and in Colindale
  • By using cash, cards or cheque through the cashier facilities in the following reading rooms:
    • Humanities 1
    • Rare Books copy room
    • Asian & African Studies
    • Science 2
    • Colindale
    • Boston Spa
    The Maps Reading Room can deal with transactions by cash and cheque only.

This system enables readers to print in any reading room regardless of where the job has been created.

For help, please refer to Reading Room staff. If you have any comments, please direct these to Service Improvement.