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Education and sport have always been intrinsically linked, and the Olympic Games context is no exception. Indeed, Pierre de Coubertin was motivated by a desire to improve education by using sport as a focus. With the rise of the Paralympic Games, this focus has widened to encompass issues about disability sport and how we define elite performance. A number of online resources are being planned – some are available already – to help students understand the history and significance of the Olympic and Paralympic Games. We aim to identify and describe some of these with the aim of creating a portal to useful Olympics and Paralympics resources. We also look at some of the school projects inspired by the Olympic idea.


Teacher and pupils [10KB]

The promotion of Olympic ideals and the engagement of students in the Olympics, through teaching and learning programmes in schools and within the higher education arena, have featured in all of the modern Olympic Games, each with its own emphasis.


White city view [10KB]

School projects inspired by the Olympics and Paralympics.

Teaching resources


As London 2012 approaches there will be an increasing number of Olympics and Paralympics-related teaching resources available online. We focus on some of these useful and fascinating websites.

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