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The London 2012 Olympics and Paralympics offer exciting opportunities for sports- related projects in schools and colleges. By the end of 2012, London will have hosted the Olympics on three separate occasions, and the social issues raised by the Games, allied to the cultural significance of sport throughout the British Isles, makes the subject a natural focus of study for students of all ages. This section showcases some of the projects being undertaken by learners and also the resources which are being created for them by the teaching community. We also look at the core issues that relate to education vis a vis the Olympic and Paralympic Games, examining teaching and learning within the formal environment and coaching and motivation of athletes. Bibliographies of relevant items in the British Library collections supplement our articles.


Teacher and pupils [10KB]

The Olympics and Paralympics provide an opportunity to design and implement learning programmes that reflect and promote the ideals embodied within the Games and those of the host nation. We look at some of these programmes and discuss what is being studied, and how. We also look at some of the projects inspired by the Games.


Coach and team-mates [10KB]

Coaches and coaching are an integral part of what defines success for both past and present sports competitors and Olympians and Paralympians.We look at some of the ideas behind the coaching of the sports competitor, and ask how coaches motivate their athletes.

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