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Parliament & law

Explore the Olympics through the voices of parliament, legal writing and socio-legal research. Discover useful information sources in and beyond the British Library collections.

During the run up to the 2012 Games, these pages will highlight parliamentary, legal and socio-legal treatments of the Olympics. You will find summaries of themes in the literature, detailed examination in some areas, as well as signposting to British Library collections, research aids and external resources that can be profitably exploited for researching the Olympics.

British Library collections include parliamentary and policy publications, legislation, case law and arbitral awards from national and international bodies, practitioner and academic text books and encyclopaedias, academic journal literature, conference proceedings and abstracting and indexing services.


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Parliament's role is to oversee, plan and regulate the Games and it has particular concerns about the financial aspects of the Games, such as getting value for money, actual and potential overspends, and budgetary control.


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While the 2006 act addresses issues such as planning and transport, ticket sales and trade, and the use of the Olympic symbol, a diverse sports law literature informs a rich view of the Olympics.

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