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In these pages we trace the history of media involvement with the Olympic and Paralympic Games and see how the collections of the British Library can help social scientists to investigate the questions which arise out of communicating these events in the digital age. We will be drawing on the expertise of subject specialists from inside and outside the Library and looking at all types of media from the traditional to the 'new'.

The media and the Olympics

Press room in sports arena [10KB]

How important are journalists to the Olympic movement, and where does the balance of power lie in the relationship between press, broadcasters and the IOC? The history of the media's engagement with the Games goes back almost as far as the modern Olympics itself.

The media and the Paralympics

Paralympic runner [10KB]

The Paralympic Games are enjoying a much higher media profile, but it has not always been this way, and much remains to be done in order to ensure that media portrayals of Paralympians do not perpetuate misinformed and prejudiced attitudes.

Olympics & Paralympics web site collection

Computer monitor on football pitch [10KB]

More and more material is being published solely on the Internet. Web sites in particular will form a significant part of the publications output of the London 2012 Games. How will we ensure that we preserve them as a research resource? Nicola Johnson and Alison Hill of the British Library's web archiving team describe their work.

Media bibliography

Books [10KB]

A general bibliography of sport and media publications in the British Library's collection.

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