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cover from: Olympic Women and the Media - International Perspectives, Edited by Pirkko MarkulaWomen and the media: international perspectives

This book details how women athletes are represented 'locally' in newspapers in Europe, North America, Asia and New Zealand during the 2006 Olympic Games in Athens. It also depicts how these local reports provide a 'global' reading of the differences and similarities between different nations, their newspaper coverage of the Olympics and their representation of women athletes. The authors draw from critical, intersectional and poststructuralist feminist perspectives to qualitatively analyse how women in diverse sports, such as swimming, gymnastics, cycling, table tennis, beach volleyball, basketball diving, judo, weightlifting, fencing, rowing or javeling, were depicted by the newspapers. They discovered that some women athletes were sexualised or their performance was trivialized and marginalized in comparison to male athletes. However, their analysis also revealed the complexity of being a women athlete in an increasingly technological and multi-cultural world of elite sport.

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Olympic women and the media: international perspectives
Palgrave, 2009
Pirkko Markula; Professor of Socio-cultural studies of sport and physical activity at Alberta University

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