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Journal articles, documents and symposia on the Olympics and Paralympics in full text online

Design histories of the Olympic Games: a special issue of the Journal of Design History (25:3)

Free access is available to this special issue until the end of 2012, courtesy of Oxford Journals. The issue includes the following articles: Jilly Traganou, Foreword: Design Histories of the Olympic Games; Geraldine Biddle-Perry, Clothing the British Olympic Ideal: The Emergence of Olympic Ceremonial Attire, 1896-1924; John Hughson, An Invitation to Modern Melbourne: The Historical Significance of Richard Becks Olympic Poster Design; Luis Castaneda, Choreographing the Metropolis: Networks of Circulation and Power in Olympic Mexico; Even Smith Wergeland, When Icons Crumble, The Troubled Legacy of Olympic Design.

Routledge online studies on the Olympic & Paralympic Games

A unique learning resource, ROSO contains over 1000 journal articles and book chapters on a variety of aspects of the Games, some of them free of charge; others available for purchase. You can also search the platform for materials relevant to your research, access book lists, case studies, expert blogs and view videos of academics sharing their thoughts about the Olympics and Paralympics.

Winning Endeavours

‘Winning endeavours’ is an exciting new website containing digitised resources on the 1908 and 1948 London Olympics. The three main partners in the project are Archives for London, London Metropolitan Archives and the British Library, each of whom, along with 22 other archives across London (and other parts of the United Kingdom) has provided digitised images of Olympics-related resources in their collections. The database is searchable by keyword and includes photographs, newspaper articles, minutes, reports and other archival material. The project has been funded by the partners and by a grant courtesy of the Heritage Lottery Fund.

Culture@ the Olympics

'C@tO is a non-profit magazine, a space where academics and practitioners involved with the Olympic Movement can publish brief commentaries, position pieces, original papers, presentations, working papers, and previously published papers, which may no longer have a visibility in their original form. We also cover Olympic Games time activity, focusing on the non-sporting dimensions of the Games. The focus of the publication is the cultural, media and political aspects of the Olympic Movement, though a broad interpretation is applied to this and we welcome work from a range of disciplines and expertise’.

LA84 digital Archive

‘The LA84 Foundation has undertaken an ambitious project to convert portions of its traditional library collection to digital format. The growing digital collection now contains more than 300,000 pages, stored in over 100,000 PDF files.

Digital resources include academic journals, scholarly books, popular sports magazines of the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, and an extensive offering of Olympic publications. The Olympic titles include a complete run of back issues of Olympic Review, the official publication of the International Olympic Committee, and two dozen Olympic Games official reports.

All of the digital publications are available at no cost to website visitors. The LA84 Foundation Search page provides full-text access to all digital documents and shows a complete list of titles’.

Directory of Open Access Journals

A repository for sport journals, covering physical education, sport science, sport sociology and other sport-related topics.

Journal of Hospitality, Leisure, Sport & Tourism Education

‘This e-journal aims to promote, enhance and disseminate research, good practice and innovation in all aspects of education in the hospitality, leisure, sport and tourism subject areas. It is also hoped that, as a freely available, peer-reviewed publication, it will encourage greater understanding, links and collaboration across the subject areas’.

The Paralympian

‘The Paralympian is the official magazine of the International Paralympic Committee. It aims to reflect the entire range of activities and developments in paralympic sport and is published four times per year’.

The Olympic Record

The National Archives holds a range of records on the modern Olympic and Paralympic Games and Cultural Olympiad, from 1896 to the present. These have been made available free online for the first time, providing users with access to this rich resource on sporting and cultural history.

The Sport Journal

The Sport Journal is published by the United States Sports Academy in Alabama. It is an ‘electronic, peer-reviewed scientific journal addressing current issues in sport, published with the goal of advancing sport knowledge through research and expertise. Encompassing multiple facets of sport, including sports management, sports coaching, sports studies, sports medicine, and sports fitness and health, The Sport Journal seeks to provide readers with up-to-date information comprising advances in all areas of sport. Published articles include both detailed scientific methods and guided conclusions geared towards sports professionals, allowing for immediate application in the field'.

International Centre for Olympic Studies Symposia Proceedings

Direct links provided with the kind permission of the LA84 Foundation

Pathways: Critiques and Discourse in Olympic Research, Ninth International Symposium for Olympic Research, 2008.

Cultural Imperialism in Action: Critiques in the Global Olympic Trust, 2006.

Cultural Relations Old and New: The Transitory Olympic Ethos 2004.

The Global Nexus Engaged: Past, Present, Future Interdisciplinary Olympic Studies, 2002.

Bridging Three Centuries: Intellectual Crossroads and the Modern Olympic Movement, 2000.

Global and Cultural Critique: Problematizing the Olympic Games, 1998.

Critical Reflections on Olympic Ideology,1994.

Centre for Olympic Studies, Proceedings: First International Symposium for Olympic Research, 1992.

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