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Digital Research at the British Library is a cross-disciplinary team supporting the creation and innovative use of British Library's digital collections. 

We work with those operating at the intersection of academic research, cultural heritage and technology to support new ways of exploring and accessing our collections through:

  • Getting content in digital form and online
  • Collaborative projects
  • Offering digital research support and guidance
  • Events, competitions, and awards

For enquiries please contact digitalresearch@bl.uk

Twitter: #bldigital

Blog posts

Announcing the BL Labs Competition finalists for 2016

21 June 2016

BL Labs are pleased to announce the two finalists of the BL Labs Competition (2016)! The judging panel, consisting of the BL Labs Advisory Board and members of the British Library's Digital Scholarship team, definitely had their work cut out...

Digital Humanities in the Chinese Context: Project Kick Off

20 June 2016

Annabella Massey is a first-year DPhil s...

BL Labs Awards (2016): looking for entries now!

10 May 2016

The BL Labs Awards formally recognises outstanding and innovative work that has been created using the British Library’s digital collections and data. We are currently looking for entries – so please help us spread the word by tweeting, re-blogging and...

Success story: the @BL_Labs Roadshow (2016)

06 May 2016

The BL Labs Roadshow has been successfully completed for another year. Labs and members of the Digital Scholarship team visited 18 host institutions in the UK and Gothenburg, Sweden from February–April 2016, presenting to and collaborating with over 730 people...


British Library Labs

Competitions, events and collaborative projects that support and inspire the use of our digital collections

THOR: Technical and Human Infrastructure for Open Research

An EC Funded project to establish seamless integration between articles, data, and researchers across the research lifecycle

Off the map

An annual videogame design competition for UK higher education students


Crowdsourcing location data to make a selection of its vast collections of maps fully searchable and viewable using popular online geotechnologies.

The Academic Book of the Future

This two-year research project asks key questions about academic books

Case studies

…We found 5519 meetings. It's not quite Big Data but for a historian it's alot. I couldn't have done that by hand.…

Where did the Chartists hold their meetings? Dr Katrina Navickas used digitised 19th-century newspapers to find out.

…I wanted to find Victorian jokes and bring them back to life…

Digitised 19th-Ccntury books and newspapers enabled Dr Bob Nicholson to build a database of Victorian jokes and bring them to life as modern day memes on Twitter.

…It was beyond my wildest dreams, really unbelievable…

Artist David Normal used British Library images as source material for his arresting artworks.

Library experts

Dr Adam Farquhar

Head of Digital Scholarship

Dr Rossitza Atanassova

Digital Curator, Digitisation

Dr Mia Ridge

Digital Curator, Western Heritage Collections

Mr Neil Fitzgerald

Head of Digital Research

Nora McGregor

Digital Curator, Asian & African Collections

Stella Wisdom

Digital Curator, Contemporary British Collections

More staff members

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Methods to locate, identify and cite data

IMPACT Centre of Competence

Making digitisation of historical printed text better, faster, cheaper

International Image Interoperability Framework

A protocol for standardized image retrieval

International Internet Preservation Coalition

Improving the best practices of web archiving

Open Preservation Foundation

Long-term management of digital cultural heritage