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Virtual curator

Our curator answers 'frequently asked questions' in a series of short videos

Streaming video in Windows Media format. Please note that these videos are optimised for viewing over a broadband internet connection.

Each video snippet is less than one minute long.

Apple Macintosh users will need Windows Media Player for Mac or the Flip4Mac Quicktime plug-in installed to be able to see these videos. Available as free downloads from Microsoft.

All videos are copyright © The British Library Board

Virtual Curator clip 1 Why is Magna Carta hard to read?
Virtual Curator clip 2 What is Magna Carta written on?
Virtual Curator clip 3 Where did King John sign Magna Carta?
Virtual Curator clip 4 Why is there more than one Magna Carta?
Virtual Curator clip 5 How did one copy of Magna Carta get burnt?
Virtual Curator clip 6 What does 'Magna Carta' mean?
Virtual Curator clip 7 What does Magna Carta say?
Virtual Curator clip 8 How much of Magna Carta is valid today?

Virtual Curator clip 9 Why is Magna Carta important?

Curator Claire Breay
Curator Claire Breay
Copyright © The British Library Board