British Library Treasures in full: Malory's Arthurian Manuscript
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On this site you will find sample pages from the British Library's manuscript of Sir Thomas Malory's stories about King Arthur, known as the Winchester Manuscript, later printed by William Caxton as Le Morte Darthur. The entire manuscript has now been digitised.

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The basics

In the Basics section you can learn what Le Morte Darthur is about, and how the manuscript came to be in the British Library.

The texts

About the project

Read about the filming of the manuscript and what the project will achieve.

You will find this site useful if you are interested in:

Medieval English literature
King Arthur
Knights of the Round Table
Holy Grail
England in the Middle Ages
Literary manuscripts
The 15th century
William Caxton
The history of books and of reading

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New to Malory?

Or want to refresh your knowledge? We have a Basics section to get you up to speed.

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