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Turning the Pages 2.0™allows you to 'virtually' turn the pages of our most precious books. You can magnif y details, read or listen to expert commentary on each page, and store or share your own notes.

Turning the Pages 2.0™ runs on Windows Vista or Windows XP SP2 with .NET Framework version 3, on a broadband connection. Windows XP users can download .NET Framework version 3 at no charge.

Turning the Pages 2.0 will also run on Mac OS and other operating systems in a new Silverlight version. Microsoft® SilverlightT is a cross-browser, cross-platform plugin for delivering rich interactive applications for the Web. Download Silverlight at no charge.

You may also need to check that your hardware meets the 'Vista Premium Ready' specification. If you think you have suitable hardware and software, go to Turning the Pages 2.0 now and try it out.

NEW in 2008

Discover 5 treasures from across the UK on Turning the Pages 2.0

Introductory video

If you are not ready for Turning the Pages 2.0™, you can still enjoy the Turning the Pages experience in its Shockwave version.

Turning the Pages on Shockwave includes all the books on Turning the Pages 2.0. The Diamond Sutra and musical excerpts from Mozart's musical diary are currently available only on the Shockwave version.