Cyril Hilsum

Cyril Hilsum (1925-), physicist, materials scientist and government scientist, carried out research on infra-red devices, semi-conductors and electronic displays. He played a key role in producing Europe's first semi-conductor laser and carried out pioneering work on miniature semi-conductor radars and flat-panel liquid crystal displays. He started his career in the Admiralty Research Laboratory before moving to the Services Electronic ResearchLaboratory and later the Royal Signals and Radar Establishment. In 1983 he left government service to take up the post of director of research at GEC plc from which he retired in 1992. In retirement he has been a visiting professor at University College, London and consultant to industry.

  • Cyril Hilsum
  • 1925 London, UK
  • Physicist
  • Materials Science, Electronics
  • University College, London

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