Eric Wolff

Eric Wolff (1957-), ice core scientist, has led the British contribution to European and international work in which past climate change (and other changes) are determined from cores of ice drilled in Greenland and Antarctica. Following a degree in chemistry, he joined the British Antarctic Survey in 1978 where he worked on the measurement of heavy metals in Antarctic snowand ice, relations between Antarctic snow and air, and the role of chemistry in the electrical conductivity of ice. Experience of the Greenland Ice Core Project (GRIP) led to major roles in the European Project for Ice Coring in Antarctica (EPICA), including field leader at Dome-C (1997-1998 and 2001-2002). With senior roles in European and international bodies coordinating the development of ice core science, Eric has worked with others to advance understanding of climate change over the past 800,000 years.

  • Eric Wolff
  • 1957 Hertfordshire, UK
  • Climate scientist
  • Climate Change Science, Glaciology
  • Churchill College, University of Cambridge

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