Max Perutz

Max Perutz (1914- 2002), chemist and molecular biologist, was awarded the 1962 Nobel Prize for Chemistry with John Kendrew for work on the structures of myoglobin and haemoglobin. After moving to the University of Cambridge from his native Vienna in 1936, he spent his entire career there, initially learning the techniques of X-ray crystallography in the laboratory of JD Bernal.In 1947 he was awarded funding from the Medical Research Council to establish what became, in 1957, the Molecular Biology Research Unit. Here he continued work on the structure of haemoglobin that had been interrupted by World War Two. His later work sought to relate haemoglobin structure to function and in the 1990s he worked on molecular models associated with aspects of neurodegenerative disorders.  Perutz was a keen skier and developed an interest in the physics of glacier flow.

  • Max Perutz
  • 1914 Vienna, Austria
  • Molecular biologist
  • Molecular Biology
  • University of Vienna; Peterhouse, University of Cambridge

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