Melvyn Mason

Melvyn Mason, electrical engineer, worked as a technician in the University of Cambridge’s Department of Physical Chemistry (1962-1965), Department of Physiology (1965-1966) and, from 1966, as an electrical technician in the Marine Geophysics Group of the Department of Department of Geodesy and Geophysics at Madingley Rise (now called Bullard Labs). In the Marine Geophysics Groups, Melvyn led the development of‘sonobuoys’ for ‘seismic refraction’ studies at sea, used to determine the types of rock forming the deep ocean floor, crucial for work on ‘sea floor spreading’ and plate tectonics. He also served as technician on geophysical cruises, including a cruise led by David Davies in the Red Sea in 1967.

  • Birth name Melvyn Mason
  • Occupation Technician in geophysics
  • Disciplines Geophysics

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