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Welfare Reform on the Web (November 2007): Welfare state - UK

All together now

A. Klaushofer

Public Finance, Oct. 12th-18th 2007, p. 18-20

The Equality and Human Rights Commission which came into being in October 2007 is responsible for enforcing the laws against discrimination on the grounds of race, sex or disability. It also champions the right to equal treatment regardless of faith, sexual orientation and age, and promotes human rights legislation and equality for all generally. Experts in the field comment on the challenges facing the new body.

Meeting the aspirations of the British people: 2007 pre-budget report and comprehensive spending review


London: TSO, 2007 (Cm 7227)

From a social welfare point of view, the chancellor has:

  • Increased NHS funding by an average of 4% above the rate of inflation. Investment will rise from 90bn in 2007 to 110bn in 2010. This will fund 20 new hospitals and 100 new GP practices.
  • Increased spending on education to 74bn by 2010. This will help to build a primary school in every local area
  • Announced government plans to spend more than 4bn on renovating social housing in 2008-2010.
  • Increased the Pension Credit for a single person by 5.00 a week from April 2008 and by 7.50 per week for couples
  • Doubled child maintenance to 40.00 per week by 2010

Welfare state without dependency: the case of UK Chinese people

C.K. Chan, B. Cole and G. Bowpitt

Social Policy and Society, vol. 6, 2007, p. 503-514

There is evidence that the indigenous population of the UK regards ethnic minorities as a drain on the welfare state. Research on the attitudes of UK Chinese people towards state benefits challenges this perception. Data gathered from semi-structured interviews and a postal survey show that Chinese people emphasise self-reliance and mutual family support; they also work hard and use education as a strategy to achieve social mobility. These attitudes support New Labour welfare policy which stresses self-help and educational success.

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