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Welfare Reform on the Web (December 2007): Social housing - UK

Can't pay? You can stay

C. Dunlop

Roof, Nov./Dec. 2007, p. 44-45

Social landlords commonly use the threat of eviction to frighten tenants in arrears into paying their rent. This article outlines a range of alternative means of debt recovery available to landlords.

End of the line

B. Rashleigh and T. Marshall

Roof, Nov./Dec. 2007, p. 21-22

A survey for Roof magazine has shown that people struggling to pay their rent or mortgage are using high-interest credit cards to cover the shortfall. In some parts of Britain almost 10% of respondents have had to use credit cards to keep a roof over their heads. They are in danger of being trapped in a maze of debt until the credit eventually runs out.

If it's not broke

N. Griffiths

Roof, Nov./Dec. 2007, p. 42-43

Government is considering introducing equity investment into social housing finance in England. This is where the funder, often the Housing Corporation, purchases a stake in the property. If it is sold, the funder realises any increased value of their investment dependent on the value uplift. The author argues that tinkering with the current grant funding system in this way could be counterproductive.

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