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Welfare Reform on the Web (January 2008): Care of the elderly - UK

Telecare in Bedfordshire

H. Edwards

Journal of Care Services Management, vol. 2, 2007, p. 40-46

Telecare operates using a range of sensors fitted around the home of a client which alert an operator at a control centre, if for example, there is a build up of heat because a pan has been left unattended on the stove, or if the person is out of bed unexpectedly. The operator then calls the client using a speaker phone. Telecare aims to enable older people to remain in their own homes and to delay entry into residential care. This paper describes the operation of a telecare service in Bedfordshire.

The war on the wards

A. Taylor

Community Care, Dec. 13th 2007, p. 26-28

Bed shortages and the risk of hospital infections are putting pressure on hospitals to discharge patients as soon as they are medically fit. This means that some older people are sent home before they are ready, leading to a rise in emergency readmissions. Alongside premature discharge, a lack of long-term rehabilitation services may be linked to the increase in emergency readmissions.

When I get older

R. George

Public Finance, Oct. 26th - Nov. 1st 2007, p. 20-21

Population ageing presents government with a series of challenges which must be addressed now if people are to have a decent life in retirement. In particular:

  • Housing needs to be built or adapted to enable frail older people to stay in their own homes for longer
  • Older people need more help with managing their money in the face of technological changes and the move to online banking
  • Young people need to be encouraged to save more for their old age through investment in pension and insurance schemes.
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