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Welfare Reform on the Web (February 2008): Social care - overseas

Care work in Europe: current understandings and future directions

C. Cameron and P. Moss

London: Routledge, 2007

The book provides a cross-national and cross-sectoral study of care work in Europe today, covering policy, provision and practice, as well as exploring how care work is conceptualised and understood. Drawing on a study which looked at care work across the life course in a number of European countries, this book:

  • explores the context and emerging policy agendas
  • provides an analysis of how different countries and sectors understand and structure care work
  • examines key issues, such as the extreme gendering of the workforce, increasing problems of recruitment and turnover, what kinds of knowledge and education the work requires, and what conditions are needed to ensure good quality employment
  • considers possible future directions, including the option of a generic professional worker educated to work across the life course, and whether 'care' will, or should, remain a distinct field of policy and employment.

Organisations and management in social work

M. Hughes and M. Wearing

London: Sage, 2007

The book offers a comprehensive and critical overview of the organisational context of social work practice. It demonstrates how effective service delivery is dependent on organisational and managerial activities and procedures, and emphasises the importance of questioning existing organisational structures. The book:

  • critically examines organisational theory, managerial techniques and organisational structures develops strategies for ethical and reflective organisational practice
  • promotes an understanding of how to plan and manage change in learning organisations
  • discusses important themes such as leadership, supervision, risk, decision making, and accountability
  • explores the potential for increasing service user and worker participation in organisations
  • includes extended practice examples and reflective questions.
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