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Welfare Reform on the Web (March 2008): Care of the elderly - overseas

Comparative configurations of care work across Europe

D. Lyon and M. Glucksmann

Sociology, vol. 42, 2008, p. 101-118

This article highlights the complex linkages between the work undertaken in different socio-economic locations (the public sector, market, family/household and voluntary sector) in the field of elder care. Analysis of financing and provision of elder care, and of the relative role and weight of each sector in four countries (UK, Netherlands, Sweden and Italy) reveals clearly that what goes on in one sector impacts upon what goes on in another, and on the work undertaken in each. The various modes of provision are 'jointed' together in different ways in different countries, giving rise to different national mixes and forms of care work and employment.

Promoting safety, reassurance and dignity through telecare in Ireland

D. O'Neill

Journal of Assistive Technologies, vol. 1, Dec. 2007, p. 18-21

This paper describes the Safe at Home Pilot telecare project implemented in County Louth. The Safe and Sound Telecare package deployed in the project offered 25 older people who were victims of crime and/or had experienced social isolation a smoke detector, a bogus caller button, an intruder detection system, and a community alarm.

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