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Welfare Reform on the Web (April 2008): Services for the disabled - overseas

Chinese disability independent living policy

K. Fisher and Li Jing

Disability and Society, vol. 23, 2008, p. 171-185

Despite a strong commitment to disability rights in Chinese legislation since 1990, independent living policy as actually experienced by disabled people does not deliver social inclusion. The research reported in this article shows that responsibility for delivering independent living rests primarily with disabled people themselves and their families. Only when they have no family does the government provide support in the form of institutional care. Very little personal assistance or community-based housing are available. However, disabled people are benefiting from other social policy initiatives, such as the minimum income allowance and homeless shelters.

Developing service user involvement in South Korean disability services: lessons from the experience of community care policy and practice in the UK

Y.D. Kim and L. Ross

Health and Social Care in the Community, vol. 16, 2008, p. 188-196

The results of this review of service user involvement in the UK and its implications for South Korea show that the consumerist approach adopted within UK community care policy is inappropriate for the South Korean disability service. This is because there is a significant shortage of services in Korea which renders user choice meaningless. Moreover most services, which are delivered by voluntary agencies, are provider-centred rather than user-centred. In the South Korean situation, priority needs to be given to expanding public provision, not on developing voluntary or private providers. However, some elements of the UK system could inform the development of user involvement in Korea, notably the right to assessment within a care management structure, the setting of quality of care standards, and the establishment of inspection processes and a complaints procedure.

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