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Welfare Reform on the Web (May 2008): Services for the disabled - UK

Disability and qualifications in Scotland

S. McMurray

Working Brief, Mar. 2008, p. 8-10

The employment rate of people with disabilities with no qualifications is only just over 20%, compared with a rate of around 50% for those with a below a level 2 qualification. Therefore the evidence suggests that there is an urgent need for people with disabilities to boost their opportunities in the labour market, while accepting that this may not be possible for every individual.

Do you believe in ULOs?

M. Ivory

Community Care, Mar. 27th 2008, p. 24-25

The 2005 report Improving the Life Chances of Disabled People envisaged the establishment by 2010 of a user-led organisation in every locality to give choice, voice and autonomy to disabled people. This seems unlikely to happen, due to lack of financial support from councils. Councils are contracting with cheaper providers of services for disabled people and bypassing user-led organisations.

Playing catch-up

S. Vevers

Community Care, Apr. 3rd 2008, p. 18-19

An amendment to the Children and Young Persons Bill will lay a statutory duty on local authorities to provide short breaks for disabled children and their families. Under its Aiming High for Disabled Children programme, the government has also provided 370m of ring fenced money so that local authorities can upgrade their often patchy and inadequate short break provision between 2008 and 2011. Currently, 21 local authorities are taking part in a pathfinder programme to develop innovative ways of shaping services to provide both respite for parents and stimulating activities for children.

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