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Welfare Reform on the Web (May 2008): Social housing - UK

Brown suffers big backbench revolt over council house repairs

P. Wintour

The Guardian, Apr. 1st 2008, p.10

28 Labour rebels have backed an amendment to a Housing Bill calling for more resources for council house building and repair. The bill progressed unchecked however as opposition MPs voted with the government, despite rebel concerns that the government is failing to meet the demand for social and affordable housing.

Built to last

N. Merrick

Public Finance, Apr. 4th-10th 2008, p. 24-25

A lifetime home is one that is built to be flexible. It is designed so that adaptations can be made easily and cheaply, so that elderly and disabled people can continue to live in it without the need for major alterations. The government aims to have all social housing built to meet the lifetime homes standard by 2011. Within another two years, the government wants all new homes in England to come up to the standard. This has angered private developers, who claim that the policy will raise house prices for first-time buyers.

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