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Welfare Reform on the Web (June 2008): Community regeneration and development - UK

Community development finance institutions tackling financial exclusion

B. Morgan

Working Brief, Apr. 2008, p. 12-13

This article explains the work of community development finance institutions (CDFIs) in combating financial exclusion by offering credit to low-income households at a fair price with transparent terms and conditions. They also provide loans to enable potential entrepreneurs in deprived communities to start up and run their own businesses. It also explains the involvement of the Financial Inclusion Task Force and the Community Development Finance Association in developing the work of CDFIs.

The Growth Fund and financial inclusion

C. Purtill

Woking Brief, Apr. 2008, p. 7-8

In 2005 the Department for Work and Pensions set up a 42m Growth Fund to increase the availability of affordable credit to financially excluded people through community based organisations such as credit unions and community development finance institutions. These lenders provide small affordable loans to financially excluded customers who might otherwise be dependent on loan sharks. Government also launched the 'Let's Talk Money' Campaign in January 2007 to raise awareness of the availability of affordable credit, free money/debt advice and safe savings products. The article concludes with an outline of government's future plans to combat financial exclusion.

Out of the door

V. Houlder

Financial Times, May 6 2008, p. 15

This analysis article looks at UK government policy towards retaining the headquarters of multinationals and other businesses in the UK, how taxation and other policies affect company decisions, and the effect on employment. Includes a useful table showing numbers of relocations of multinationals by country for the UK, US, Canada, Australia, Japan and various European countries, between 1997 and 2007. The UK had by far the biggest number leaving.

Scotcash: providing affordable credit in Glasgow

N. Alexander

Working Brief, Apr. 2008, p. 9-11

Scotcash opened in January 2007 and offers Glasgow citizens an alternative to high cost doorstep lenders and loan sharks. It is a community interest company and is reducing financial exclusion by increasing access to affordable credit through small sum loans, basic bank accounts, and high quality money advice.

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