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Welfare Reform on the Web (June 2008): Social housing - UK

All together now

R. Best

Roof, May/June 2008, p. 11

Calls for the creation of mixed-income communities where identical social rented and privately owned homes co-exist side by side. Residualised council estates could be transformed by refurbishing and selling off some properties to first-time buyers; in other areas street properties should be purchased and let as social housing.

High pressure

D. Crew

Roof, May/June 2008, p. 46

Reports on the progress of the campaign to end retaliatory evictions, where landlords throw out tenants who have asked for repairs to be carried out.

A history of violence

S. Povey

Roof, May/June 2008, p. 43

The past thirty years have seen a steady rise in legislation to deal with housing-related antisocial behaviour through sanctions on disorderly tenants, including eviction. These measures have been introduced based on the theory that the incidence of disorderly behaviour by tenants is increasing. The author argues that antisocial behaviour has always been a feature of society. Only the methods of confronting the problem have changed.

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