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Welfare Reform on the Web (July 2008): Services for the disabled - UK

Aiming high for disabled children: national core offer

Department for Children, Schools and Families 2008

Sets out service standards that families with disabled children in England can expect:

  • Service users must have easy access to information
  • Decisions on commissioning services must be open and fair
  • Assessment of children should involve a range of agencies
  • Service users should be involved in decisions

(For comment see Children and Young People Now, May 21st-27th 2008, p. 14)

Conventional wisdom

L. Clements

Community Care, June 5th 2008, p. 30-31

The UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities came into force in May 2008 and will be binding on the UK if the government ratifies it as expected later in the year. The rights identified and protected in the Convention range from the fundamental, such as the right to life, to the social and economic, such as the right to employment and community support services. The Convention lays a duty on the state to promote independent living for disabled people, which will require local authorities and NHS bodies to review a number of their policies.

Practitioners' documentation of assessment and care planning in social care: the opportunities for organizational learning

M. Foster and others

British Journal of Social Work, vol. 38, 2008, p. 546-560

This paper analyses practitioners' documentation of social care assessments and care plans for disabled adults of working age. The data were collected in the course of an innovative project that introduced new outcome-focused documentation into routine social care assessment, care management and review processes. Analysis of the new documentation provides insights into the diverse range of priorities and outcomes that users wanted to achieve as a result of receiving services, and the inputs that were agreed between practitioners and users. This paper argues that analysis of such information about service needs and responses can inform local service improvements and assist organisational learning.

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