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Welfare Reform on the Web (August 2008): Community Regeneration and Development - overseas

Sustainable communities: new spaces for planning, participation and engagement

T. Marsden (editor)

London: Elsevier, 2008

This book brings together key debates and empirical cases from an international perspective exploring the ways in which more sustainable communities might develop. There is a growing recognition that more effective sustainable development cannot be achieved without the engagement of the local community. But this is far from an unproblematic process, and it requires a critical examination of the nature of the potential links between what we now consider as community and sustainable development. The book critically reviews the literatures on sustainable communities presenting empirical case studies from Firm, State and Resource perspectives on attempts to create them. The volume is a synthesis of research work and debate conducted over recent years by members of the Economic and Social Research Council's Research Centre for Business Relationships, Accountability, Sustainability and Society (BRASS), under its sustainable communities programme.

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