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Welfare Reform on the Web (August 2008): Social housing - overseas

A century of differential evolution of housing co-operatives in Mumbai and Chennai

S. Ganapati

Housing Studies, vol. 23, 2008, p. 403-422

This paper examines the differing evolution of housing co-operatives in Mumbai, Maharashtra and Chennai, Tamil Nadu from the early twentieth century to the present. In Mumbai co-operatives are and always have been organised for collective ownership and management of housing, whereas in Chennai their principal role has always been to provide loans for housing construction and repairs. A comparative institutional analysis of the two cities is used to explore the reasons behind these different trajectories, focusing on the local housing market, local housing policies, the role of the state government, and co-operative institutional support structures.

European competition policy and national housing policies: international implications of the Dutch case

V. Gruis and H. Priemus

Housing Studies, vol. 23, 2008, p. 485-505

European Union competition policy and regulation to determine illegal state aid are having a direct influence on national housing policy in member states. For example, according to the European Commission, the Dutch support system for housing associations is in breach of European regulations on the common market. The Commission is worried about financial support earmarked for public housing leaking away into commercial activities, thereby undermining fair competition in the housing market. It also argues that Dutch housing associations are receiving support for activities that are or could be undertaken by commercial players. Many of the concerns raised by the Commission about the Dutch social housing situation could apply in other member states.

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