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Welfare Reform on the Web (August 2008): Welfare state - UK

Life of Gordon

T. Travers

Public Finance, June 6th-12th 2008, p. 18-21

The author explores the reasons for the unpopularity of Gordon Brown's government, in spite of New Labour's record of huge investment in improving public services. He argues that the government should take the bold step of radically decentralising control of public services in order to make them more responsive to local needs. It should also draw on the creativity of public servants and encourage them to make suggestions for improvements.

Outside the circle of faith


Labour Research, July 2008, p. 17-19

The present UK government is committed to contracting out social welfare services, including employment services, to faith-based organisations. Unions are concerned that public funds are being used to boost the influence of religious organisations in the public sphere. They also feel that there are risks of employment discrimination and discrimination against service users by some faith-based employers.

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