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Welfare Reform on the Web (October 2008): Community regeneration and development - UK

Interim findings on new funding schemes to unlock city growth

Core Cities Group and PriceWaterhouseCoopers


Good infrastructure is vital to the success and well-being of communities. Well-designed roads, public transport links and environmental schemes are prerequisites for councils wishing to promote economic growth, attract inward investment and encourage new jobs and housing. However, in the light of the economic downturn on land values, capital receipts and Section 8 'planning gain' contributions, new infrastructure funding mechanisms are urgently needed. This report explores innovative ways of financing infrastructure developments.

Regeneration game

B. Hewett and B. Rashleigh

Roof, Sept./Oct 2008, p. 20-23

Presents a case study of a local authority regeneration scheme in Greenwich. The Ferrier council estate is being emptied for rebuilding, breaking up the local community and scattering tenants randomly across the borough. The council is offering sums to buy out home owners that are too low for them to buy another property. Re-housed tenants have no legally enforceable right to return to the revamped estate, and suspect that the council will not permit them to come back. They present evidence that the council wants to create a higher social status community on the rebuilt estate and to drive out former residents.

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