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Welfare Reform on the Web (February 2009): National Health Service - primary and community care

Abortions to be given in local GP surgeries

R. Smith

Daily Telegraph, Jan.22nd 2009, p. 10

Several primary care trusts have revealed that they are considering providing early abortions through clinics located in GP surgeries. Abortions up to nine weeks can be carried out medically with drugs rather than surgery and after two trials have proved that the process is safe in premises outside hospitals, more clinics are to be set up.

Lost for words

D. Carlisle

Health Service Journal, Jan. 29th 2009, p. 18-20

GPs need timely discharge summaries from hospitals to ensure that patients' treatment is continued properly in primary care. Unfortunately discharge summaries often arrive late and are frequently lacking in clarity. Since April 2008, the standard NHS contract requires hospitals to provide discharge summaries within 72 hours. Financial penalties may be imposed for breach of these terms. Work is in progress to set standards for summary clinical content and its use in electronic record systems.

There's something in the water down south

R. Evans

Health Service Journal, Jan. 15th 2009, p. 12-13

The board of NHS South Central is considering putting fluoride in water supplies in parts of Southampton and South Hampshire. The consultation and decision making process is being watched keenly by other strategic health authorities and primary care trusts that may decide to follow suit.

What is the future for spearhead PCTs?

R. Pears

British Journal of Healthcare Management, vol. 15, 2009, p. 28-32

The Department of Health identified the spearhead group of primary care trusts and councils in 2004 on the basis of low life expectancy, high mortality from cancer and heart disease and high deprivation. By 2010, spearheads are expected to reduce their life expectancy gap with the national average by 10% and reduce their infant mortality rate in manual groups by 10% against the national average. The Department of Health is currently planning what will happen after 2010.

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