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Welfare Reform on the Web (February 2009): Social care - UK

Good practice in safeguarding adults: working effectively in adult protection

J. Pritchard (editor)

London: J. Kingsley, 2008

The book provides an up to date and topical overview of developments in policy, guidance, legislation and practice in the area of adult protection. The book aims to broaden thinking about adult abuse, assesses alternative models of practice such as criminal justice and welfare, and covers groups who may be overlooked, such as people with brain injuries, older prisoners and adults within the black and minority ethnic communities. Issues covered include domestic violence and honour-based crime, abuse in institutions, financial abuse, and risk assessment in adult protection. The book is illustrated throughout with case studies, and also gives a voice to the victims of adult abuse who can be forgotten in a working environment that emphasises targets, indicators, standards, star ratings, paperwork and correct use of terminology.

Measuring and monitoring outputs in social care: the problem of measuring quality

J. Malley and A. Netten

International Review of Administrative Sciences, vol.74, 2008, p. 535-553

This article describes a practical approach to measuring and monitoring outcomes and productivity in social care. Routine measures are used as far as possible, weighted to reflect outcomes for service users. The concepts of Capacity for Benefit and quality in this context potentially allow commissioners and managers to distinguish the impact on productivity of: the potential of services as they are currently configured, the dependency of service users and the quality of delivery. The article identifies key issues and problems in using measures of satisfaction both as performance indicators and to monitor quality of service in the proposed approach.

The outlook is changeable


Community Care, Jan. 8th 2009, p. 16-17

A period of upheaval lies ahead for social services departments following the death of Baby P and the expected publication early in 2009 of a green paper on adult social care reform. This article presents an overview of the changes in store.

Social work and Islam

S.A. Crabtree

Professional Social Work, Jan. 2009, p. 12-13

The author urges professionals to take time to understand Muslim culture and religion to improve the quality of service they provide to the most economically and socially deprived faith group in the UK.

The social work companion

N. Thompson and S. Thompson

Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan, 2008

The book offers wide-ranging coverage of the core topics in social work along with important advice on study skills. It offers a wealth of advice and information regarding key concepts and theories alongside the principles of good practice; extensive signposting to other texts and further sources of information; and, an overview of the range of possible career directions students might take and advice on applying for jobs.

Universal truths

A. Taylor

Community Care, Jan. 8th 2009, p. 28-29

Hampshire Council's inquiry into adult social care revealed widespread frustration at the system's inequities. There was particular resentment about the way the current system penalises people with moderate savings and about the perceived unfairness of the charging system. The report calls for charging to be replaced with a system of means-tested personal contributions supplementing individual budgets. It also recommends that everyone, regardless of wealth, should be entitled to access to information, advice and supported self-assessment of needs.

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