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Welfare Reform on the Web (March 2009): Social security - UK

Victims of geography

W. Horwood

Roof, Jan./Feb. 2009, p. 45

The way that the new local housing allowance is being administered by local authorities is preventing homeless people from accessing the private rented sector. Some local authorities are refusing to pay rents direct to landlords, even though they have the option to do so if the tenant is vulnerable. This is making private landlords reluctant to take the risk of housing homeless people.

A welfare state as valued as the NHS: the progressive case for reform

J. Purnell

Public Policy Research, vol. 15, 2008/09, p. 198-205

The Secretary of State for Work and Pensions argues that, far from being a betrayal of Labour's core values, the government's welfare-to-work strategy is rooted in social democratic principles and aimed at reasserting the best traditions of the welfare state. The government aims to build a consensus around an active, egalitarian welfare state that combines high employment, universal childcare and low child poverty. It regards getting people off welfare and into work as the most effective means of reducing poverty.

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