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Welfare Reform on the Web (May 2009): Social care - UK - community care

Care from the community?

D. Brindle

Search, Winter 2008, p. 15-17

Any new settlement on long-term care and support for older and disabled people must look at who is responsible for delivery as well as at funding. It is argued that since state funding is limited and the availability of informal family carers is likely to decline, the wider community must expect to play a growing role.

Going for brokers

R. Greig and S. Dowson

Community Care, Feb. 19th 2009, p. 26-27

Individual budgets mean that increasing numbers of elderly and disabled people will have significant sums of money to spend on purchasing services. They will need advice from brokers to help them identify and explore options. This article looks at proposals for improving the training and regulation of brokers.


A. Mickel

Community Care, Apr. 2nd 2009, p. 16-17

Figures from local authorities social services departments show that those with the worst performance often also have the highest usage rates for agency staff. Heavy use of agency staff can lead to lack of continuity of care, lack of adequate supervision, and low morale. In extreme cases, departments may not be able to take on and adequately support new staff.

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