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Welfare Reform on the Web (May 2009): Minimum Wage - UK

Helping reduce pay inequality

A. Arkin

Labour Research, Apr. 2009, p. 19-21

Despite fears of its critics, the minimum wage which was introduced in the UK in 1999, has led neither to wage inflation nor to increased levels of unemployment. However, there are still problems with enforcement and some indications that a future Conservative government might allow it to wither on the vine.

Setting new standards

D. Hirsch

Search, Winter 2008, p. 11-14

Outlines new research which seeks to develop a minimum income standard for the 21st century based on what ordinary people consider to be the necessities of life. The resulting budgets can be translated into income needed to reach a minimum acceptable standard of living in Britain in 2008. The minimum income is slightly above the line used to measure relative poverty (60% of median income), meaning that most people described as being in poverty are unable to afford a standard of living considered acceptable by research participants. This includes most people who rely on state benefits.

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