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Welfare Reform on the Web (May 2009): Social security - UK - New Deal

NEETS receive fast-track treatment

L. Higgs

Children and Young People Now, Apr. 9th-15th 2009, p. 8

From April 1st 2009, any young person who has been out of work, employment or training for more than six months before turning 18 will be placed onto an accelerated version of the New Deal for Young People. They will skip the early stages of the scheme (careers advice and work experience/training) and go straight onto the third and most intensive phase, the supported job search.

Single parents sent to the job centre

R. Watson

Children and Young People Now, Mar. 26th-Apr. 1st 2009, p. 11

By the end of 2010 lone parents of children as young as seven will be expected to take a job if it is offered to them or face up to six months of reduced benefits. The only exception to the rule will be if the parent cannot find appropriate or affordable childcare to cover the time they are working. There is concern that job centre staff will be deciding whether or not childcare is suitable.

Young unemployed guaranteed jobs or work-related training

R. Murray-West

Daily Telegraph Budget 2009 special report, Apr. 23rd 2009, B10

The Budget included an announcement that a scheme will be in place by early 2010 that will ensure that unemployed young people aged 18 to 25 will be offered a job or work-related training. (There will be 50,000 traineeships in the care sector, for instance.) Voluntary organisations and local councils will be able to apply to the Future Jobs Fund of 1.1bn to create long term, sustainable jobs.

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