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Welfare Reform on the Web (August 2009): Social care - UK - community care

Cancer patients need social care too

N. Salari

Community Care, June 25th 2009, p. 26-27

Inadequate social care for people living with cancer leads to expensive and preventable admissions to hospital. Many patients and carers are not referred to social services for assessment, and for those that are, there are not enough services to meet their needs. Moreover, health professionals often fail to signpost patients so there is a lack of awareness around eligibility and the social care services that are available.

How effective so far have personal budgets been?

A. Petch

Community Care, July 2nd 2009, p. 32-33

This article explores the findings of reports on the introduction of personal budgets in five local authorities. All the reports adopt a similar format, outlining the local formulation of a resource allocation system (RAS), the development by individuals of their support plans, and evaluation, based on the In Control framework, of the impact of the personal budget on the individual, family carers and care managers.

Nothing personal

A. Mickel

Community Care, July 9th 2009, p. 24-25

The number of personal assistants is forecast to rise from 114,000 in 2006 to 646,000 in 2025. Yet there is neither a national representative body for personal assistants, nor national guidelines on how they should be found and employed by users of direct payments and individual budgets. Many of their employers are taking on such responsibilities for the first time, and may be unaware of their responsibilities under employment law. The problem of neither employers nor employees knowing their rights and responsibilities has become severe.

Generation game

A. Taylor

Community Care. June 25th 2009, p. 16-17

In England the government has begun to invest in intergenerational work, with 8.5m distributed to local authorities in 2009/10. Current emphasis in intergenerational practice is on the development of equal relationships between elders, children and young people through shared activities.

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