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Welfare Reform on the Web (October 2009): Social security - UK - New Deal

Tailored support needed from day one

S. Webb

Working Brief, June 2009, p. 10-11

The author sets out the Liberal Democrat Party's stance on welfare reform in the face of the recession. He calls for more help for the newly unemployed and those leaving school and university and for fundamental flaws in the Flexible New Deal programme to be addressed. The Party is particularly concerned about some aspects of plans to contract out employment services, wishes to encourage unemployed people to undertake voluntary work, and is opposed to vulnerable groups being forced into work-related activity under threat of losing their benefits.

Welfare to work: the Conservative approach

T. May

Working Brief, June 2009, p. 8-9

Should the Conservatives win the 2010 general election, their approach to welfare reform will be based on three principles:

  1. all those who are able to work should be in paid employment, which is the best route out of poverty
  2. employment services should be contracted out to the private and voluntary sectors
  3. the benefits system must be simplified.
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