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Welfare Reform on the Web (December 2009): Social security - UK - New Deal

DWP announces two new schemes

D. Gibbons

Working Brief, July 2009, p. 12

The government has announced its intention to establish a new set of pilots to test innovative approaches to the funding and delivery of welfare to work services: the Invest to Save Pathfinders and Personalised Employment Programme Pilots. The Invest to Save scheme involves employment services providers being rewarded with the savings they have achieved for the public purse by helping long-term sick and disabled people to leave benefits and enter paid work. The Personalised Employment Programme would enable all claimants to access employment support services on the basis of need, regardless of what type of benefit they are using.

Right to Bid: DWP issues new guidance

D. Gibbons

Working Brief, Nov. 2009, p. 15-17

The Department for Work and Pensions Right to Bid initiative was introduced in January 2009. It encouraged providers of welfare-to-work services to bid for funding to deliver innovative programmes to help unemployed people to find jobs. However, although there has been substantial interest in the scheme, there have been few successful applications. The Department has now issued new guidance to improve the quality of applications and has put measures into place to assist the development of proposals.

Will a single Work Programme work?

D. Simmonds

Working Brief, Oct. 2009, p. 3-7

This article comments on the Conservative Party's new proposals for tackling unemployment during the current recession. The Tories are proposing a new, integrated Welfare-to-Work initiative, the Work Programme, which will cover all unemployed people. Employment services providers would receive differential payments based on the needs of individuals and work under outcome-based contracts. Funding would be increased using the 'annual managed expenditure' and 'departmental expenditure limits' (AME/DEL) switch.

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