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Welfare Reform on the Web (February 2010): Social care - UK - community care

The role of telecare in the protection of individuals from domestic violence

K. Doughty and J. Clark

Journal of Assistive Technologies, vol. 3, Dec. 2009, p. 44-48

Telecare offers a sophisticated and responsive way of managing the threat of domestic violence, and is becoming popular with local authorities. While basic systems using alarm pendants are widespread, smart sensors and video monitoring could also be used to good effect. It can be assumed that in the future a much wider range of telecare devices will be deployed to provide automatic detection of problems, and to ensure that victims of abuse are protected both in their own homes and in other locations. Most local authorities use some elements of telecare, but there is potential for improving support through deployment of more sophisticated devices.

The use of telecare and community equipment to improve joint working across health and social care

K. Doughty and C. Steele

Journal of Assistive Technologies, vol. 3, Dec. 2009, p. 36-43

Explores the potential of telecare services to offer increased support to vulnerable groups through the integration of health and social care services. Twenty-four hour alarm monitoring centres could be expanded to provide case review facilities that would facilitate the provision of preventative services following an emergency, including issue of specialist equipment from community stores.

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